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Geting started please help

I am wanting to get a small jabber server running. I have already got openfire up and running and moderating it seems pretty easy. I would however like to take advantage of some of the plug-ins. I would like to be able to use audio/video and a web interface. I have messed with red5 which i think is made for that but im having trouble getting it to work. I also would like to know the functionality of HTTP Binding. If anyone could get me some feedback on some good plug-ins for these features and a guide on how to install them it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


for video Red5 may be the only option currently but Wildfire must use Java 1.6 as Red5 does not work with Java 1.5.

And you need of course a current Wildfire version (3.2.x). HTTP Binding itself is included but no client, you can also use Red5 as it includes JWChat.


Ok, do you have any tips on geting red5 going. Do u put it on the clients only, or on the server. Do you think the issue is my java not being current? Ill try to update the java and see if that makes it easy for me to figure it out. At the moment when i throw red5.war into the plugin folder the server gets crazy.


“the server gets crazy.” is not very detailed. Do you find some log messages in logs/error.log?

It’'s a server plugin and not a client one. There are some Red5 threads as far as I know, you may look or search for them to avoid to ask the same questions again.


sorry , the server will hang on start up and i get some errors related to red5 not loading. On one attempt i was able to get the server to run and i was able to connect to it through clients but i could not admin the server. I was unable to connect to it.

I have updated my java to 1.6, when i try to throw red5.war into the plug-in folder and restart the server it kicks it out of the folder. Any tips? running on windows vista enterprise , server version 3.2.4

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