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getJettyServer missing from AdminConsolePlugin class in Wildfire 3.2.0 beta

In Wildfire 3.1.x we were able to get access to the embedded jetty webserver from a plugin in order to register the plugin as a web application with a construct like:

jetty = AdminConsolePlugin.getJettyServer();

webapp = jetty.addWebApplication("/" + pluginDirectory.getName(), pluginDirectory.getAbsolutePath());



Looking at Wildfire 3.2 javadocs, method getJettyServer has been dropped with no prior depreciation notice.

Can someone please point me to correct way of registering a plugin as a web app from Wildfire 3.2. All my plugins that use Wildfire as a webserver have stopped working.



With the upgrade to the latest version of Jetty, regrettably they have removed any easy means to achieve the desired affect of programatically adding another webapp. We are working on a solution to this problem as our own Fastpath used this capability and it will be available by the final release of 3.2.0.




thanks, I look foward to you posting a solution when you find one.


In case any one else wanted to know the answer to this question. I got a reply from Alex.

We added in a method to the AdminConsolePlugin

which allows you to retrieve contexts, getContexts. If you look at the

javadoc for this method it will explain how you can add a new webapp.

Hope that helps,