Getting a NULL message from a buddy everytime i login

Hello, we are testing our IM client and so far so good, the only thing that we couldn’t figure out how to fix is an annoying (offline) message that pops up every time we login to the jabber server.

the message itself is simply “null” with the local time but without any other informations.

I’ve checked the database to see if there’s anything left in the offline queue but couldn’t find anything.

do you have any idea about this?


try to delete user that send this messege … and then create the same user, but with another username.

if not working - check spammer user client …

thanks for the idea, but unluckily I can’t just delete the user because I fetch users from my main database (via mysql >260k users)

what do you exactly mean by “spammer user client”


spam messeges becomes from someone or from Server ???

spammer user clieny is IM client of user that sending spam … maybe he have some Curve hands ind tryed to “improve” he’s IM client …

(seems like I can’t use the proper reply button, it crashes my firefox - so I’m answering here)

the message come absolutely from the server because as soon you connect it’s delivered and the owner of that username

doesn’t have any client connected.

so it’s not a problem on his end

seems like it’s MotD plugin becomes crazy. Try to delete it from admin console, then in derictory completly.

Then do the same with broadcast plugin.

that’s the only service that can send this messeges

Hi, thanks for the tip but unluckily: “No plugins installed.” I’ve also looked through the database and removed all the occurrences of the username from various tables but it still appears each time I login.

what else can it be?

it’s voodoo for me.


now it seems to be gone, after I have double checked the occurrences of that user name on the database and restarted the server.

I hope it won’t come back.

thanks for your tips.


Message stanzas are primarily used to deliver (chat) messages, but they do have other uses as well (I think pubsub, for instance, makes use of message stanzas). If they’re used for something else than relaying chat messages, the body of the stanza usually is empty, or non-existant.

Some clients do not handle message stanzas without a body properly. Something like this might be happening on your end as well.

If the problem occurs again, try to get a complete dump of the message stanza.

about “no plugins installed”. Plugin may be not uninstalled correctly. check the plugin derictory. Maybe there can be some files rest.

this situation was in my server. I uninstalled plugin, but he saved some of his files, parasiting in my messeges. when delete them - all work fine. in happends