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Getting build error while creating Mac installer

Iam getting build error while creating Mac OS X spark.dmg file for spark version 2.6.0, Below is the error message.

[mkdir] Created dir: /Users/damuammu/Desktop/spark-Mac/target/installer
[mkdir] Created dir:
[copy] Copying 1 file to
[symlink] ln -s /Applications
[echo] Create tmp.dmg
[exec] created: /Users/damuammu/Desktop/spark-Mac/target/tmp.dmg
[echo] Attach tmp.dmg
[exec] /dev/disk2 Apple_partition_scheme
[exec] /dev/disk2s1 Apple_partition_map
[exec] /dev/disk2s2 Apple_HFS
[exec] cp:
/Users/damuammu/Desktop/spark-Mac/build/installer/mac/RightDSStore: No
such file or directory
[exec] Result: 1
[exec] mac/dmg_spark.scpt: execution error: Finder got an error:
Can’t set item “Spark.app” of disk “MixTalx_2.6.3” to {140, 250}.

/Users/damuammu/Desktop/spark-Mac/build/build.xml:775: exec returned: 1`

Below attached the build.xml

Please can anyone help on this.
build.xml (38937 Bytes)