Getting Connection timed out for openfire rest api

Hi ,

i need some help, i have successfully connected to Openfire /rest APi on my local Machine

but when i try to connect to My Live Openfire Server, i got Timed out error

“Failed to connect to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX port 9091: Connection timed out”

i even try to use port 9090

complete url =>

using Curl with Authorization key

Curl shows this error detail:

error: “Failed to connect to port 9091: Connection timed out”

error no: 7

Note: i can easily connect to my server using strophy client

Its probably a firewall issue and have nothing todo with openfire.

hi, thanks for the reply

i disabled firewalls on my server, but still its not working. same time out error

Additional Info:: My openfire server is different and the server which contains my php code to access restapi, is different

I found the solution.

I need to Allow outgoing TCP ports 9090 form my server