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Getting "Could not route packet" errors in my warn.log

Hey there,

I am looking into implementing Wildfire for the office I work in but right now only myself and a colleague use it and I seem to be getting a lot of problems relating to “Could not route packet”. I get this at multiple locations. The client I am using is Adium X 1.0.1.

I can connect fine and all is well for, what I can tell, an unspecified amount of time and then suddenly Adium is trying to reconnect. Only way to fix it is to disconnect and then force it to reconnect. At that point it works again. I am not experiencing this problem with the current jabber solution that another location in the US is providing to us. Unfortunately I am not sure what server daemon they use, but its got plenty of bugs on its own (related to chat rooms).

This is what I am seeing in the warn.log:

2007.03.11 01:39:51 Could not route packet

Any help would be more then appreciated!


Using Wildfire 3.2.2 (I’'ll try 3.2.3 tomorrow).

Any ideas… anyone. Still getting disconnected with Adium and receiving the same error.

I’'m seeing a similar error, did you ever find a solution to this?

Isn’'t this just a “normal” error when the remote user looses their network connection socket? I see it routinely as well, but just assumed it was okay.


If so why isn’'t it reconnecting properly, as in why does Adium have problems reconnecting.

I upgraded to Openfire 3.3.0 today and so far so good. However I’'ll update the thread if it happens again and most likely fill out a bug report at that time.