Getting currently logged in user's name and previous status messages of gtalk

I want to fetch the Name of the user that is currently logged onto the gtalk server. Like some one has an email address like and his name on gmail or gtalk is Prince Ron. So, i want that when Ron access his gtalk from my program then the program will be able to get his name that is Prince Ron instead of only I had tried using AccountManager class but it throws error that feature not supported. Is there any way of doing that. I also tried using VCard for current user but getting null from all methods.

And also I was wondering how to get the previously used status messages by that user, e.g both gmail chat and gtalk desktop client shows the list of 3-4 recently used custom status messages both in available and busy mode, so if gtalk desktop client can get them then surely there is some way for that. Is this feature supported in smack or any way through XML directly?

I am using smack 3.2.0

i suppose the gtalk client stores last used messages locally

then you’ll need to do the same

usually youll find all information on googles specific xmpp attributes at the gtalk-for-developers page

I don’t think so gtalk client stores it locally. Because whatever you status messages but in gmail chat(I mean in gmail itself) reflects in gtalk client as well. Or even if you never used gtalk and installs it one day then you find your recent custom messages there in client. I looked out developers page but did not find anything relating to this.

And what about getting the Name of the user?