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Getting encrypted message in spark when we start encryption

Getting encrypted message in spark when we start encryption between users using establishing OTR session. when this OTR session( Start Encryption) established between two user’s they are getting encrypted messages.

Explain what is your problem. It is not clear from what you have posted.

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I clearly mentioned about issue. some times sender and receiver got encrypted messages when they are used encryption/established OTR session. when they used encryption means sender and receiver send/receive messages in readable format but the third party or from console login it’s shows as encrypted/unreadable but many times sender/receiver got message in encrypted/unreadable format.

If you need to contact me or help me out in this issue, you can contact me on below mentioned details.


Ok, so the messages are unreadable. I haven’t used OTR for a long time. Actually it might be even removed from the next version of Spark, as it was not developed for a long time and there is no updated library in maven format to be used with current Spark source.

On your issue. I think it might happen when one of the users close their chat window. OTR session is closed then, even when the other user still has it open. So when that other user sends messages, they are still encrypted, but the first user has his OTR session closed, so Spark is not decrypting them anymore. A workaround is only to instruct users not to close chat window when using OTR and close chat windows on both sides and reestablish OTR session, if one of them closes the window.

Thanks for Reply. i will suggest you have to work on this feature it’s good for confidential chat even openfire web console access administrator unable to read personal message’s.

I’m not a developer and there are no developers working actively on Spark. Also, as i have mentioned the underlying OTR library used in Spark also seen no development for a while and there are no maven artifacts to use with new Spark version. So, i doubt it will get attention. World is moving to OMEMO for peer to peer encryption. No support for OMEMO in Spark also.