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Getting Presence Information from source

I need to update the presence information (location etc)of the users of the system (existing on an LDAP server) from some source. Suppose the source is an XML file with the same tags as that used in the presence message ie. Show, status and priority. I need the server to read the file on a periodic basis so as to update the presence infomation and send this information to all user that have logged in rather than getting the information from the client

can u give me an idea how to go abt it and what are the files that need modification

You can write your own plugin which will read the file on a periodic basis. Once you have found novelties to process you will need to:

  1. Get the sessions of the affected user (see SessionManager.getSessions(String))

  2. Update the presence of the session that you need to update (see Session.getPresence())

  3. Get the roster of the user and perform a presence broadcast (see RosterManager.getRoster(name) and Roster.broadcastPresence(update))


– Gato