Getting rid of old forum sections?

I suppose we can get rid of Openfire Enterprise Support section (Testing General also?) or just make it hidden? Of course there are some threads that are still relevant, so maybe they can be moved to Openfire Support (maybe not all, but only not older than a year?). Seeing word “Enterprise” makes people think that there can be commercial support or commercial version of Openfire.

OK, Testing General is already hidden. So i have checked what options we have. We can Merge Enterprise section into Openfire Support (this will move all the stuff). Or we can just move about 40 threads from it and then make it hidden and also turn on archiving.

I think you right, especially in “commercial support conclusion” some users may derive from it. Moving threads would generally be a good option.

I’m OK with that too

So, i’ve done it. Merged Enterprise section into Openfire Support. Looks fine. Only a few older docs now appear at the top of Recent Content list, but that will be “fixed” soon as users post. Most of the threads should be archived now, as most of them are older than 180 days (this is the number of days a thread should be inactive in Openfire Support section to be archived).