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Getting Room Occupants from SQL

Hi, I’m using OpenFire with MySQL. Is there a way to get the current occupants of an MUC room using SQL? This would be very useful because users would be able to tell who are in the chatroom without joining. I’m looking for something like ofMucRoomOccupants in the openfire database.



I’ve read the MUC code a little bit and I understand that this feature is not there.

I think this is a very useful feature if you want to integrate Openfire to a LAMP-based web site.

I’ve modified the code to add this feature. Not sure yet whether or how I should submit the changes…


Hi David,

it would be more wise to create a plugin which does what you want. I’m sure that one does not want to apply such a patch to Openfire. Writing non-persistent data to a database will sooner or later become a bottleneck for every application.