Getting SASL Error when try to receive my own vcard

onXiffError. [XIFFErrorEvent type=“error” bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2]
onXiffError.errorMessage: The server is not configured to support any available SASL mechanisms

Connecting to google talk. Using XIFF r12003 from SVN.

Connection config:

_connection.useAnonymousLogin = false;
_connection.username = MYUSERNAME;
_connection.password = MYPASSWORD;
_connection.server = “”;
_connection.port = 5222;
_connection.resource = “xiff”;
_connection.domain = “”;

var config:TLSConfig = new TLSConfig( TLSEngine.CLIENT );
config.ignoreCommonNameMismatch = true;
_connection.config = config;


//getting vcard:

var vCard:VCard = VCard.getVCard(_connection, new UnescapedJID(USERNAME));