Getting spark over that last little hump

hello all, I was wondering what it will take to get spark over that last little hump for a release? I think a release, even with some known bugs, would do great things for the spark project. Especially since we know what the issues are, and are working to resolve them \

I know i’m just a nooblet as far as a contributing member goes, but this is something that is brought up often at work and part of the reason i’ve decided to lend myself to help out. We are constantly re-evaluating why we are using spark when we can use other IM clients (pidgin) since from an outsider perspective, this project looks dead.

I’m willing to lend myself in any way / shape / form to help push this over the last few hurdles!




Well, i have no objections to have a release as fast as possible. I think cstux was working according to our previous draft, as he has renamed builds to RC1. According to the plan it was going to be RC2 for December and Final release in January. Do you want to make Final release earlier? November, December? I can say that in general current Spark version is pretty usable, except for that flashing issue If everyone agrees we can change the roadmap for earlier 2.6.0 release, especially if Smack 3.2.0 will be released soon too.

I’m of the mindset the sooner the better, but January is not too far off and I think it gives us a perceived year to fix the bugs we know about.

The flashing bug doesn’t ail me as much as the focus stealing bug forcing me to notice the window when i’m trying to write the code to fix the dang thing!

May be its time to make Spark RC2 ?

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There is a serious issue with RC1 and the trunks. The application is not updating the presence in the roster after a reconnect completely. It might be a good idea to have that fixed prior an RC2

We should Change License of spark project to Apache