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Getting started... help!

My question is pretty basic and more than likely very easy to answer. Let me start first with a description of what I am trying to do. A group of students and myself are creating an information-bot, that parses natural language and searches out the answer. That is the main part of the program. The other part is an interface for the bot to be a client on jabber.

Needless to say I was pleased to find a library such as this.

Now I have created a file that declares and opens a connection, logs in, implements a packetListener and PacketFilter, and sends a test message.(which all works).

The problem I am having is that the program won’'t hold the connection to the server unless I am using the debug mode.

Can anyone shed some light on what we need to do to get this up and running without the debug gui???




Are you sure the problem isn’‘t just that your Main method is ending? The threads in Smack are set to be daemon threads, so won’'t keep the program running by themselves.




Thanks for your help. That was a silly mistake on my part. The thing that confused me was the fact that the debug mode kept it open…

Problem solved.

GREAT library!!!