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Getting started with XMPP components



I have been searching high and low for some barebones how-to documents to get started writing components, but I am having no luck on my quest. The best I have found was a small Tinder example that was shown in the developer guide. I am new to this XMPP development world and would love to have a step-by-step guide to writing a hello world component that also documented how to deploy it to an Openfire instance. Does something like that already exist?




Hi Brandon,

do you want to write an internal or an external XMPP component? The broadcast plugin is an internal component, just download the Openfire source code if you want to look at it.

External components are usually not deployed within Openfire and I’m not aware of a simple example.




I am not too sure which kind I need to write. I am thinking it is an internal one because I am just trying to perform a proof-of-concept and I am not worried about having everything decoupled.

Maybe you can help me out with that… Basically what I want to do is have a plugin that is always listening for incoming requests on a certain name and is capable of interpreting an extended protocol, and then storing the data in a database. An example would be helper@domain.com listens. A server sends a custom stanza (something like server_specs) with a payload of data I am interested in. The helper@domain.com receives this and then is able to take the payload, parse it properly and store it for later use. Does that seem like an internal component?

It didn’t even dawn upon me to look at the plugins that are already deployed. Thanks for the simple suggestion and I will post back if I run into any other major issues.


Hi I’ve have blog about writing an external component with whack/tinder here

part 1 - http://oneminutedistraction.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/developing-xmpp-components- the-setup/

part 2 - http://oneminutedistraction.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/developing-xmpp-components- the-service-2/

part 3 - http://oneminutedistraction.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/developing-xmpp-components- some-tips/



I followed the above mentioned blog. I am able to create the external component, can anyone please suggest me how to send message to the service added by external component.