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Getting the right domains entered

I’‘m in the process of integrating my Windows LDAP/Active Directory information with Wildfire. I’‘ve got it so that the config loads fine. Now I still can’‘t log into the admin console or log into Jabber using my Pandion client. I suspect it’‘s a problem with domains/hosts. The server that runs Wildfire is named RAINIERWEB. It’'s full DNS name is RAINIERWEB.INTRA.RAINIERNET.COM. The DNS domain name is INTRA.RAINIERNET.COM. The server that hosts LDAP is RAINIER04.INTRA.RAINIERNET.COM. Which name do I put for xmpp.domain?

The followup question is when a client tries to log into Jabber with a client, what does the user put into the login field? On my Pandion client it asks for an address and password. My username is ‘‘smm’’. Do I put smm@intra.rainiernet.com? or smm@rainierweb.intra.rainiernet.com?

Here’'s my conf file:

Hi Sean,

A couple of things jumped out at me while looking at your config file:

  1. It looks like you

Hope that helps,