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Gfx issue with Spark


I had a white rectangle on the screen, it popped to the front whenever I switched to Spark, it was displayed in front of Spark so I had to move Spark a bit around. I had time to make a screenshot of it: http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/3998/clipboard11gu.png

After opening or closing a chat window or doing a file transfer it disappeared.

I know that this is not very detailed and I could ignore this as this was the first time it did happen but maybe someone has an idea.

(Spark 1.1.3 + WinXP SP2 + ATI Mobilility Radeon 7500)


Yes, i’'ve seen such “manilla” box once (a bit smaller though). It looks like a popoup when your mouse is over button. Just without the text and appears in various places.


Hi Oleg,

I was looking for this thread but did not find it. “Manilla” is an interesting word for this. So we now know that this is still the case in 1.1.3.

SPARK-208 is still open so it was not introduced by changing the d3d parameter.


“Manilla” is an interesting word for this.

that’‘s why i’'ve remembered it Really interesting naming. For me Manilla sounds like capital of Philippines