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Ghost conference service

I think i was discussing this few years ago (maybe in the Open Chat). For a very long time i have a group chat “chat.jiveserver” and my default service “conference.jiveserver” is not shown in the list and i can’t create a service with such name. It says that it already exists. As far as i remember i was trying to name it with non latin chars maybe and then it got bugged and disappeared. Not a huge problem. But Spark is showing blank Conferences tab and i think because of that. As we are planning to go to Spark in a few months, i thought i have to fix this.

I can find entries in the database like:

INSERT INTO V2DAYPACKET VALUES(‘IQ’,‘conference.jiveserver’,‘2005-10-13 13:55:00.000000000’,830,2)

INSERT INTO V2WEEKPACKET VALUES(‘IQ’,‘conference.jiveserver’,‘2005-10-13 12:30:00.000000000’,820,2)

Month, Year. (about 10-20 such inserts) and one:

INSERT INTO FPSESSION VALUES(‘fekm423’,‘name@jiveserver’,1,‘d46151694056094aeabbfd841a3561fc9d339565</ph oto>d46151694056094aeabbfd841a3561fc9d339565</ x>’,‘001209366457929’,‘0012093 67369705’,7017,2,NULL,NULL,NULL)

Will it help deleting these lines? Won’t it brake anything?