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Ghostmode presence? (user not showing up on roster but will in conference)

I have seen some similar posts but I believe mine is unique for 2 reaons.

1.) I have not changed any settings

2.) a user is online and visible in conference rooms but not on the regular roster UNLESS I recently restarted the service.

this user is currently invisble and I can talk with them if I click their name in the offline group, if they joina conference room they are also visible normally. this is also weird on top of that because any time I restart the openfire service the user is visible for a few days and then they dissappear again.

this is really weird any thoughts? I tried re-installing spark but that was not the issue it appears to be something within the openfire portion of it I’m not really sure where to start on troubleshooting this any suggestions??

thanks in advance for any help given!

Has anyone encountered this issue? I can’t seem to determine why this is happening… any pointers or where to look? I’ve tried logging in with this user from different area’s and they didnt show up… so it appears to be server side. when I restart the spark service and the user logs in they appear to log in correctly but when they log off they are permanently logged off…

any tips would be greatly appreciated.