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Gizmo & SIP Phone Plugin

Client: Spark 2.5.8

OpenFire: 3.4.3

SIPaccount: gizmo

Issue: Dial tones not recognized

Question: Hello, all configured and passed-NOW-when checking voicemail

or using the dial pad the tones are not recognized HEARD but not

recognized when in call mode. I can dial between registered users

however again, dial tones not effecting menu options on the other end

of the call. ???

Do I need to open a port for this to work?

Hello, I’m also attempting to connect to gizmo service with spark, could you post your SIP Phone Mapping and

SIP Settings?

I’m using SIP Settings:

SIP server: proxy01.sipphone.com

Voice Mail Number: 611

STUN server: stun01.sipphone.com

STUN port: 3478

And SIP Phone Mapping:

SIP username : <my-gizmo-login>

Authorization Username : <my-gizmo-login>

Display Phone Number : <my-gizmo-sip-number>

Password : <my-gizmo-password>

Server : proxy01.sipphone.com

Outbound Proxy : <none>

Voice Mail Number : 611

Prompt user for Credentials : <no>

Enabled : <yes>

I also have an ipcop firewall.

Any ideas?

I can get Gizmo set up and to call however I cannot get spark to reconize the dial tones. When I call 611 voicemail I can hear the prompts however when I use the dial pad you can hear but it does nothing!!!

I’d like to use the SIP but spark will just not pick up the dail tones at all.

Anyone else have any luck???

Here’s a link to Gizmo for the settings and support

http://support.gizmoproject.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarti cleid=83

Ah well for those who still wish to use Gizmo as their SIP account and haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Here you go:

  1. Install SIP plugin in the Openfire Server

  2. New tab called “Phone” should be visible in the Openfire Administration Console, click this tab

  3. Go to “Phone Mappings” (should be the first visible screen) and click “Add new Phone Mapping”

  4. Enter the following:

a. XMPP: openfire user name you want the account assigned to

b. SIP Username: your Gizmo account user name

c. Authorization Username: (this is the same as your Gizmo account user name)

d. Display Phone Number *required: (this is your sip number for your Gizmo Account)

e. Password: your Gizmo account password

f. Server: proxy01.sipphone.com

g. Outbound Proxy: (leave this blank)

h. Voicemail: voicemail

i. Click CREATE

  1. Go to “Media Services” tab in the Openfire Administration Console and click on “STUN Settings” in the menu to the left

  2. In the section labeled “External STUN Servers” enter the following:

a. Server: stun01.sipphone.com

b. Port: 3478

c. click ADD

  1. You may need to open port 3478 if you have a Firewall installed

  2. Start and Log In to your Spark IM Client and enable the SIP plugin in your available plugins menu

  3. Restart your Spark IM Client

  4. The SIP Plugin should launch automatically and register your acccount.

Now at this point you can make Gizmo Calls to other Gizmo Users and if you have Call Out Credit, you can call landlines as well. One thing to note is after you create your phone mapping and you go back to review your settings you will see a button called “Test”. This button does not work friendly with Gizmo and it will “timeout” everytime. Your Spark IM client will register the account, testing is not necessary, it either connects or doesn’t connect. My previous issue with Spark not recognizing the dial tones seems to be corrected now in the latest version of Spark.

I hope this helps anybody who wants a phone for their Spark IM or is just looking from some new function to play with. Thank you for your time. If you get this going and wish to give it a test jabber me.