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Global Messages


How do i send a global message to all my users not using the web administration page? is there a command i can invoke or something?

thanks for your help,


Puedes usar el pluging Broadcast, creo que eso es lo que buscas.

This also depends on the client you use. As already suggested, you can use Broadcast plugin on the Openfire server and then send a message say to all@broadcast.servername. But of example Spark has a built-in broadcasting option, which doesn’t require for this plugin to be installed on the server. It is in the menu Actions > Broadcast message or in the context menu when you right click a group or a selection of users.


just did it adding the user all@broadcast.mydomain

how do i setup the alloweduserstobroadcast to be a group of users, instead of adding users by their pid separated by commas?

thanks in advance

As there is no such property, then probably you can’t. You can try addin groupname@servername.

there is a plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers property