Going from One OpenFire Server to Another

Hi guys,

New to OpenFire. My company has Openfire setup already on another server. We are doing a fresh Window install on another server. I’m not sure if we are Using None/Blowfish/AES for password encryption, and I hear it’s not good to change this. Where can I find what we are using on the old server? We are using the most current Openfire version.

as i know, the server it self is less im portant.

lets talk about the database …

if your db is stored external on mysql, mssql or something like that, you just need to setup a new server point to this db , choose the same admin for openfire and all is fine.

i did this having openfire connected with ldap.

i shut down the winbased openfired, started the linux based configured it, and all settings were there.

just had to tell the people to login to a different server. thats it

Thank you Jan