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Going from openfire version to 3.6.x

I currently have and am wondering am I able to install 3.6.x over it without having to reconfigure it to make it work? or will this require a new installation and reconfiguring everything?

I’m just worried about getting this update and it creating problems with the existing installation… I guess what im looking for are known issues with installing the update? on a 2003 x64 server? anything I have to worry about? or just find the link for the 3.6.x and download and install?

Thanks for all of your help it goes much appreciated!!

There are numerous potential pitfalls with the upgrade process that different users have experienced. Make sure any plugins are removed prior to upgrading as the new server needs the new versions. Make sure your database is functioning correctly. Cross your fingers and pray.

hmpf okay. Is there a way I can backup the entire existing installation and revert back to it if it causes a slew of problems during the update?

Yes stop the openfire server. copy the entire openfire directory to a backup location. if using an external db run a full backup of it. you are done.