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GoJara not working in OpenFire 4.6.2


Setting up OpenFire with Spectrum 2 and intended to use the GoJara plugin to add Remote Roster Management, but to no avail. The “current” version doesn’t add any new menues and doesn’t seem to work at all with OpenFire 4.6.2. All of the 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT’s gives me the correct menu items in the admin panel, but clicking any of them renders in a 404 returned.

Found a github issue mentioning this dated one year ago. Thought I’d make a post here just to gain some interest in the issue.

Or is it working for others and I’m doing something wrong?
Can’t really give you any logs since I don’t get any logs in OpenFire.
Something might be wrong with my install after all.

This issue persists. I guess GoJara is quite low priority for the maintainers?
I don’t know any Java, otherwise I would gladly help out.