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Good packet sniffer/analyzer for use with xmpp protocol

I heard the openymsg guys used a packet sniffer to find out what was the problem with yahoo authentication some months ago. Was it wireshark?

Thanks in advance.

If you are trying to analyze the XMPP traffic then you can use the xml debugger plugin attached to this post. However, if you want to analyze the traffic of the gateway with a legacy network then something like wireshark is what you need.


– Gato
xmldebugger.jar (4574 Bytes)

Another good one is tcpflow. Reason being … it’s like using tcpdump but clearly prints text based exchanges.


tcpflow -c host port 5222

Similar in use to tcpdump. -c makes the output go to stdout instead of to files. I’ve found it pretty useful. Of course if you are using an SSL based connection or compression, it doesn’t do you any good.