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"Google backslides on federated instant messaging"

Openfire server admins may find this information of interest and help.

http://www.fsf.org/blogs/sysadmin/google-backslides-on-federated-instant-messagi ng-on-purpose




Thanks for posting.

Now it is the right time do migrate my gmail account to microsoft/skype, isn’t it?

I have no idea, but the critical piece of information is *"…subscription requests just disappear mysteriously, confusing both users and server operators." *

I spent (wasted) quite a lot of time on this recently trying to determine why invites from my public Openfire server (with S2S enabled) to Google Talk users refused to work.



Yeah, thanks for posting. I remember a few threads here about gtalk invites not working (maybe one was yours). After recent events (Exchange war, Google Reader shut down, this) i’m convinced even more to stay away from Google service and never heavily rely on them (email, rss, etc.) as this is so unpredictable when they are going to change, shut down something.