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Google Chat and Presence Problem

I just installed wildfire on our server and I’‘m experimenting with s2s functionality with google chat. I can successfully exchange IM messages with my google account (using google’'s gmail interface). However, while the presence indicator on the google side is always correct, the presence status on the local client alway indicates the google user is offline (using both kopete and Gaim). Is this correct behavior? Does google send presence information?

Looking at the network traffic between wildfire and google it seems that google does not send presence information.

Am I missing something?

Are you using ethereal or tcpdump or some other similar to “view” this traffic? Any snippets for us?

(by the way, nice job getting as far as you did, a lot of us are still trying to get that far. I, for instance, can not get the google contact to “authorize” me when I add it to my roster)


I’‘m using ngrep on the server running wildfire. Here is a snippet of the traffic when i’‘m already online on my gmail account, and I connect with my IM client (I’'ve modified the email addresses to protect the inoccent):

T ->

cartman.smith@base2.cc), but not the other way around. Further, if I change my status on the gmail page to say “busy” or I sign out, no traffic is sent back to the wildfire server to indicate this change.

Other then this issue with the online status, everything else works fine. Including the online status indicator on the gmail.com side.

I investigated some more, and it appears it may be something wrong with kopete and Gaim. With Psi everything works. It seems that with kopete and Gaim if an add contact request is made by the google side then some thing gets hosed up, and it requires a re-authorize request (something that can be done through the GUI on both clients) for the online status to be correctly reported with these clients. However, everyting works if the add contact request is generated by the client side… Strange behavior, but easy to work around.

Good find.


You ought to post that to both those projects so that those developers can resolve that issue. (it is not really my issue, right, (eventhough I am really interested in it) but it seems to me that that is really important to have working properly)

Thank you.

Peace. Love. Linux.