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Google Summer of Code 2007

!http://code.google.com/images/code_sm.png!We’re excited to be participating again this year as one of the mentor organizations under the XSF for Google’s Summer of Code 2007. We have several project ideas and mentors ready to offer advice on getting the projects done. The ideas we’ve created:

  • Asterisk-IM: Asterisk and Openfire Integration

  • Link-Local Messaging ( XEP-0174) support

  • File transfers for gateways

  • Jingle Voicemail

  • Group Chat for Gateways

  • G722 Codec for JMF

If you are interested in one of these projects or in proposing your own, we suggest sending an email to “greg at jivesoftware.com”. The more we can get to know about you and your expertise before the official application process through Google’s site, the more that will help during the selection process.

Jingle support in Spark would be just great. Full on Asterisk integration into openfire would be the greatest thing ever. I hope you get some good applications and the summer of code is productive.

Jingle support is actually in Spark already (and Smack, for that matter). It is in the 2.5 betas and will be officially released when 2.5.0 final comes out.

What would you like to see from full Asterisk integration? Starting from the current Asterisk-IM features, what else would you like to see?



My biggest issue is that the current state of the code in Asterisk-IM doesn’t quite work properly.

It needs to set the Away status on the start of a call rather than the end of it. It also needs to reliably reset the status.

I’ve dug through the code and think I see part of where it’s going wrong but I’m not a java developer so don’t know how to try and compile a revised Asterisk-IM plugin.

Thanks for your input! We’re working with a few folks who are interested in improving Asterisk-IM and I’ll make sure they see these thoughts.


I know this is probably non-trivial, but seems the building blocks must be there…

Some type of Skype type feature for Spark / Openfire.

What I mean by this is not an exact copy (may as well use Skype) but from the outsider it seems that with VOIP being nearly there for the next Spark and Asterisk providing telephony via the usual channels it would be nice to have the option of making a phone call over a land line integrated into Spark, i.e. if a user is off-line then Spark uses the contact details from the Openfire server and an internal modem (the old 56k sort) to make a landline call, thus removing the need for more than one IM type application.

Currently the modems we have are used for sending/receiving fax’s (yes, in 2007 some poeple still use a fax machine!!) and would be good to use them for other services.

In effect a sort of Asterisk / Jingle combo.



Hi Ian,

Thanks for your comment. We’ve added a SIP softphone to Spark along with Jingle support that is in the current Spark 2.5 beta. The softphone is a part of the Enterprise Edition and you can see it in action here:

This allows you to use Spark to make and receive POTS calls through Asterisk or other SIP-based phone systems.