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Google Talk Gateway

In the latest IM Gateway plug in beta there is a Google Talk Gateway, but no way that I can tell to connect to the gateway within Spark. (I was looking for a button on the menu simiar to th MSN gateway, but didnt find one.) Is there any way that the Google Talk Gateway could get supported? Thanks.

There is no currently supported way of doing that in Spark, but I have logged a feature request.

For the moment, you need to use another client to perform the registration (then use Spark) or use the web interface (admins only).

Just to clarify things a little. What I would like to be able to do is sign in to the Openfire server and also connect to Google Talk within the Spark client software just like you can now with AIM, MSN, etc.

That’'s correct. The only majot difference at the moment is that in order to register with the transport you need to use the admin web page or use a client other than Spark.

fyi: http://wiki.jrudevels.org/index.php/Eng:J2J (link to an admin guide is at the bottom of that page).