Google Talk Policy File

Does anyone know if Google has provided a policy file on their xmlsocket for Google Talk?

Up until this time, I’ve only tested Google Talk locally with no problems. But once pushed live, it fails to load a policy file.

Perhaps they have it on a different port? I’ve tried 5222, 5229, and Flash always checks 843.

Let me know.

Ok… so here’s the status on this:

Google does not currently have a crossdomain policy setup on their xmlsocket for Google Talk.

What this means is that without writing a proxy or using AIR, you won’t be able to login to Google with XIFF on a live site (you can however locally).

Anyone with contacts at Google (especially the Talk team) should reach out to them and try to get this feature bumped.

My one friend at Google says this:

"So they aren’t opposed to it, but are super busy working on some other things at the moment.

I’m gonna file a feature request internally so they don’t forget about it…"

I’ve also made a topic here.

Please comment on it so we can try and keep this feature on their radar. Obviously the more people that complain, the more chances they’ll add it.