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Google Talk

Hey everyone - quick question by the uninitiated - is there anyway to get XIFF (or Flash in general) to talk to Google Talk? The TLS/SASL stuff is throwing me for a loop.

thanks, - rajat

I don’‘t believe you will be able to use XIFF to access your gmail account because Flash’'s XMLSockets require XML messages to be terminated with a zero byte. This means that the server software has to do something out of the ordinary to allow Flash to establish a socket connection. Some XMPP servers, like Jive, have this functionality… but Google would have to specifically build it into their server.

yes, ask Google to ask Macromedia to patch Flash

I was able to connect to the Google Talk server and open a stream, so I think they have the “Flash patch” installed.

But Flash doesn’‘t support TLS or SASL (confirmed by Macromedia), so there’‘s no way to connect Flash to Google Talk directly, you’'d need to use a proxy.

thanks, - rajat


  1. DNS SRV records are not configured for the service at this time

  2. Client applications should connect to host talk.google.com on port 5222

  3. TLS is required

  4. The only supported authentication mechanism is SASL PLAIN

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Is there any way to get through TLS with Flash Socket?

After opening the socket I have:



write a java applet, that is used as a “rewriting” proxy

add the zero byte to the XMPP packets and your off, you can even connect over an ssl tunnel that way