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Goolge Talk Live Chat Transcript

Hey all,

Today’‘s chat transcripts are attached to this thread. Rod Chavez from Google Talk was the special guest and it was a great conversation. We conducted the chat in two rooms – one was read-only for everyone but Rod and myself and the other was open for general conversation and to ask questions to be posted in the other window. You’'ll find both transcripts attached.

Some interesting things from the chat:

  • Google chose XMPP over all other IM standards based on extensive client and server support and the active community. Having an open protocol is of strategic value to them.

  • Google Talk was started by a team of three and is now five engineers (on the service side, the Google Talk client is another team).

  • Rod sees IM and voice as the first two killer apps, but they plan on building out more very interesting applications over time – read the chat for more details.

  • On voice – they looked at the TINS protocol but couldn’'t use it for a variety of reasons. They will release their own voice protocol to the community soon.

  • The service is implemented using Java (JDK 1.5 and NIO). The servers are Linux. The architecture has multiple tiers. One handles client connections, another presence/session management and another talks to other Google services like GMail.

  • They plan to fully support federation to other servers.

  • The Google Talk team wants to get more involved in the XMPP community.

Thanks to everyone for joining and especially to Rod for answering so many questions and for being so open about what Google Talk is doing!



One more interesting thing — about the sudden reboot part of today’'s chat:

[09/28/2005] 9:29 Bill Lynch: one sec guys…

[09/28/2005] 9:29 Derek: It really did

webjabber has joined the room.

Bill Gate has left the room.

[09/28/2005] 9:30 Bill Lynch: We’'re restarting the server, something seems to be locked up

[09/28/2005] 9:30 Bill Lynch: sorry about that… one min

Barry2 has left the room.

Ennova has joined the room.

gato has left the room.

[09/28/2005] 9:32 Hawke: hmm

This is a quote from 2005-09-28_chat_open.pdf, but it seems everybody’‘s log (also checked with Hawke’‘s and aleksey’'s logs) was a bit different:

[2005.09.28 20:30:06] hmm

i.e. “one sec guys…” was actually the last message that could make it out to the public from Bill Lynch :stuck_out_tongue:

and i wasn’'t able to connect to either google1 nor google2 with Psi.

only you are late.meeting already close.:slight_smile:

The chat was great, very informative. I hope he’'ll be back someday. Kudos to Jive Software for setting up these kind of sessions.

On a sidenote: the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=103764&#103764problem /url of not being able to open the transcript PDF has dissapeared all of a sudden. Did you change something Matt? I upgraded from Firefox .6 to .7, no other changes.

On a sidenote: the


?messageID=103764��]problem /url of not being

able to open the transcript PDF has dissapeared all

of a sudden. Did you change something Matt? I

upgraded from Firefox .6 to .7, no other changes.

Sorry, should have posted an update on that issue. I believe we figured out that it was a web server configuration issue (MIME types or something).