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Greyed out icons on admin interface


When I look at our registrations interface for the IM gateway plugin on the openfire interface I see all the msn users with a grey msn icon. What does the grey mean? I know I’'ve sometimes seen a colorful msn icon. Also our ICQ and AOL icons are coloured in.



The greyed out MSN icons mean that the MSN session isn’'t active/logged in. Do you know for a fact that they are logged into MSN properly?

“properly” is an interesting one - very much part’‘n’'parcel of my whole AIM login message thread

In this case yes I '‘m sure i’'m in properly. I see my roster and I can send messages to people on my roster.

I check the admin interface and my icon is still grey. openfire 3.3.0 plugin 1.1.0 beta 1

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Interesting. All the admin interface calls is .isLoggedIn() on the session which checks if the status is … I forget what I called it. lol LOGGED_IN or ONLINE. hehe It’‘s possible I’'m never setting the proper LOGGED_IN status. I can, however, see the code that handles this:


  • The user’'s login has completed and was accepted.


public void loginCompleted(MsnMessenger messenger) {

Log.debug("MSN: Login completed for "+messenger.getOwner().getEmail());



I just checked in my interface and all of the icons are properly colorful indicating I am logged in. I wonder why it’'s not being a well behaved monkey for you? =/