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Group Administration


I was creating groups, but I want that the users of a group can’'t send messages to user of others groups. The user just can send messages to users on his group.

How can I implement this requirement?



do you really need a technical solution for this? Just forbid it and activate audit logging. As soon as one complains that a forbidden broadcast was received you could ask the offending user to report to you.


PS: I’‘m quite sure that also you are not allowed to enter a one-way street from the wrong side with your car and there is no gate to stop you from doing it. But as it’‘s forbidden you don’'t do it and I guess that your users will also accept prohibitions. Otherwise you may want to ask the police chief to add a gate to every one-way street (;

the only thing right now is to cheat your users. you can set every group sharing options to show this group only for group’‘s members. So users wount see other groups. I suppose you dont need them to actually see all groups and not be able to chat with these groups. Cause it’'s not logical. But, this solution is not exactly what you want, because they will beable to send messages to other users if they know they usernames.