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Group already exists - choose another name?

Hello, I’‘ve tried to creat a new Group and I get this error message when I try to save settings. Is this a bug or is there specifics that I’'m not meeting?


  • GroupName is totally new

  • A short description

  • No initial members

  • Enable sharing group rosters

  • Group Display Name same as Group Name

  • Show group in group member’'s rosters is checked.

Any ideas?

Hey pmac2,

I followed the same configuration and I was able to create a new group in the Admin Console using the latest nightly build. Which version are you using? Do you see any error in the logs? Are you using LDAP?


– Gato


I am using ver 2.2.2 from 9/19/2005 with no nightly builds. Should I get the latest nightly build to try it? Do I replace every directory listed or just run a script to update the directory?

Thank you!