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Group broadcast to include offline users

Hi, bit stumped here, hoping someone can help.

All our users have group offline users un ticked so that each group contains all members regardless whether they are online or not.

So all is good until you hit broadcast a message to the group, when that happens, only inline users are ticked, to add to the frustration, the broadcast ui no longer ungroups offline users.

Is they a way to fix this, so that

  1. group offline users un set is mirrored both the main ui and the broadcast ui

  2. a broadcast to a group includes the offline users too

Many thanks, I hope ive missed somwthing easy!

Just to note, that i mostly send broadcasts to all online users. So if broadcast window wount group offline users there should be a checkbox like “Uncheck offline users”.

If you highlight the members of the group instead and right click them you can broadcast to them all including offline. I do feel your issue is a bug though because it throws the users into the offline group instead of the way you have spark configured to work.