Group chat based on Groups

I have openfire working fine, the company has been using it for months - really awesome job guys.

We have LDAP working and groups working via our email groups in LDAP working ok.

My question is: Is it possible to setup persistent chat rooms based on email groups so when we remove users from the email groups they no longer go into that chat room?

Basically want email groups for projects automatically joining chat rooms, and leaving chat rooms if they are not in that group anymore. Keen to have this automated so the users don’t need to do anything.


This functionality is often requested, but does not exist.



another query, is there a way to have group chats in its own seperate window? i can see it getting very confusing have 6 group chats flashing away amongst a dozen other 1on1 chats.

I suppose you mean Spark? Then no. Currently it only supports tabbed chatting for all chat types. You can use some other jabber client, like Psi (note that there are some connection problems between latest Psi and Openfire 3.7.0) or Miranda, etc.

Sorry yer Spark. Ok thank you for replying.