Group Chat Bookmark - Client Control Plugin

I was curious if anyone might be able to shed some light on the Group Chat Bookmark feature of the Client Control Plugin…

We are running a fresh install of OpenFire v3.7.1 and using the Spark client v2.6.3. I have installed the Client Control Plugin and I am attempting to configure Group Chat Bookmarks for select set of users based on their AD group memberships.

What I have done so far:

  1. Created a couple AD groups for chat

  2. Installed Client Control Plugin

  3. Attempted to configure Group Chat Bookmark

  4. Utilized standard group name as registered in the Group Summary page (See attached images)

a. Utilized domain\group name format

b. Utilized “domain\group name” format

  1. Tested Group Chat Bookmark creation from client

The groups I am using appear to be working just fine for roster management and login (i.e. LDAP is functioning correctly). And I am able to MANUALLY specify a Group Chat Room Bookmark and select Auto-Join. What I am unable to do is configure this globally via the Client Control plugin by specifying the room to bookmark and the group to which the Group Chat Bookmark should apply.

I have attached a few screenshots of the respective menus in the OpenFire Admin Console. I tried to find some documentation for the CC plugin, but was unable to locate anything. Do I have something configured incorrectly? Is there a specific syntax/format for the users/groups that I should be using? Is my room configured correctly? Is this a bug?