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Group chat "Can not connect to server."

Some users can’t connect to a group chat. When you type int the password, it says " Can not connect to server." The user is logged in and they can see everyone on their friend’s list. The room is active and has users already in there.

Correction: After I type in the password for the group chat it says “No response from Server.”

What is the server and Spark versions? Have you tried to restart the server?

I’ve restarted multiple times. Now I’m getting this error:

Openfire 4.1.4 [Apr 10, 2018 1:26:05 PM]
Successfully loaded plugin ‘admin’.
Successfully loaded plugin ‘search’.
Successfully loaded plugin ‘monitoring’.
Finished processing all plugins.
Error starting 5222: Address already in use: bind
Error starting 5223: Address already in use: bind
Error starting 5269: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
Error starting 5262: Address already in use: bind
Error starting 5263: Address already in use: bind

You already have Openfire running as a service. When you run a launcher (with a yellow bulb icon) you start a second instance of Openfire and they start conflicting. Do not run launcher if you already have it running as a service. This might solve your problem. And to reach the Admin Console just open your browser on the server and go to http://localhost:9090 (or https://localhost:9091 for encrypted connection).

I try to log into as admin and it gives me:

Caused by:
javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

I also get CSRF Failure and can’t log into admin.

You server is running out of memory for Java (it is not related to how much RAM server actually has). This might be the reason why some users can’t join rooms. Maybe you have a lot of rooms with history. This takes a lot of memory to keep.

  1. I would suggest updating to the latest version of Openfire (4.2.3) as it might have memory improvements as well as CSRF issues fixed;
  2. Switch to 64-bit version of Openfire. You can install it into same folder by pointing setup manually to current installation folder. Stop the Openfire service before doing such upgrade.
  3. Increase JVM memory, read instructions in Custom Parameters section http://download.igniterealtime.org/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-guide.html Depending on RAM on the server you can set it first to say 2048 max. If you still get out of memory errors, try increasing it a bit and check how it goes.
  4. If possible, maybe you can remove some rooms that are not needed or set a setting to show less memory in rooms (this will only work for new rooms, so you may also try to delete and create same rooms again to use the new setting).