Group Chat Configuration and Working

Hi all,

Can any one please help me , how to configure group chat in openfire 3.6.4 as i was using IM Client ( spark ) , so there i invited the some of friends available in roster , and showing message your account has been unlocked,

can anyone suggest and tell me how to start work with Group chat,

however i am little bit confusing, is it mandatory that we can do group chat in only spark client ( i.e., only in java enabled xmpp client )

is it possible to use IM clients like ( Pidgin, Ichat, Spark ) using these 3 clients , is it possible to do group chat simultaneously.

I Request everyone please look in to my problem, hope i will get reply soon,

Anticipating your help,



You can use any xmpp client for group chat, not just Spark. Also you can use different clients in the same group chat.

I don’t understand the forst part of you question. Please explain better what is not working for you.

Thanks Wroot !! for your reply.

it is mandatory that we need to create a new account for conference ( MUC ) by providing credentials, in order to work with group chat ( MUC ) , . for eg: I opened 5 clients in 5 different PC’s like 2 pidgin clients and 3 spark clients, so i want to do group chat for this , so my intention is , it is must and should we have to provide conference name for login to group chat conversation ( i.e MUC )

hope u understand my problem.

can u explain this process briefly …



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I’m not sure i understood your right again. To join a conference you have to have an account on your server. Then there must be a room to be able to join it. You can either create a standalone room in server’s console or via room creation wizard in clients. In Spark you can also create ad-hoc room just by clicking Invite to Conference in chat window, when you are talking to someone. This will automatically create a temporary room with random name and will send an invite to a person you were talking with. Then you can send additional invites to other persons to join that room. When room is created and you join it, right click in the list of users and select Invite users. Select users you wish to invite and then press Invite button.