Group Chat - Controlling Who Can Receive Messages

Okay, so this is a hard issue for me to explain. We are running OpenFire on our server and using the Spark IM client at our mental health clinic. I want to set up a conference for all employees, but with our receptionists as Moderators. I want the conference to be publicly accessible (which is easy enough), but I also want only the moderators to be able to view messages. So, a clinician can send a message through the group chat like “Please cancel my appointment for XXXX” and all of the receptionists will receive the message (and ONLY the receptionists). Is there any way to do this? Am I just missing a setting here? It seems to me like there should be an option for “Make messages only viewable to Moderators/Admins” or something.

Also, is there any way to automatically add people to a group chat? In this case, I want to set it up so the receptionists are always logged into the conference room, and don’t have to manually click into it every time.

EDIT: I found the setting within Spark to auto-join conferences. So you can scrap my second question. But my first question still remains. Any input is appreciated!

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