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Group Chat History Settings


We are using Wildfire version 2.5.1 (Windows), and my question is about the Group Chat History Settings.

My settings are currently set for “Show a specific number of messages”, and I have specified 50.

Here is my question. Some of our Chat Rooms have a low volume of messages posted to them, and my users have asked me if it is possible to have the Chat Room message history reset / cleared on a daily basis, so that the only message history displayed is from the current day only.

Is there a way to accomplish this now? Or is it something that we need to request as a future enhancement?

Thanks very much !


Hi Joe

You might want to take a look at JM-292 and vote for the feature to get prrority in implementing.



Hi Joe,

if you have the urgent need to do this you could write a short input file for curl/netcat which dos some GET’‘s and POST’'s to remove a room and recreate it.

There’'s also a load generation tool from http://opensta.org/ which is able to monitor the HTTP traffic, save it as a script (very easy language, reminds me of Basic) and replay it. One must usually modify the script after recording to extract the right Cookie.