Group chat implementation

I want to implement the same kind of group chat functionality that is available at -

Can anybody please tell me how it is implemented and if the source code for this is available.

I’m afraid that particular interface is not available publically. (I’m not entirely sure why, it’s a cool interface and project) I’ll ask around and see if we can’t consider making it available. It’s nothing we’d be able to support, but I don’t see why we can’t share it and take in patches and such.

We do have SparkWeb which may suit your needs!

Thanx, will appreciate making it public.

I’m looking for a Group chat option to implement with Jive Public SBS 4.X. We have product teams that want to hold group chat sessions with our customers to get their feedback in real time. We’d want these to be scheduled events and recorded to reference back. There are other options like Adobe/Go to Meeting but we’d like it to occur right in our user community. I’d love to see examples of it in action.

I have some more explicit use case examples that I’d be glad to share as well.