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Group Chat: Log Room Conversations

I currently have Group Chat History enabled at 200 messages. It is undesireable to keep any history whatsover for a few of the rooms that have been created, so their Log Room Conversations has been disabled for these rooms, yet their histories remain to be replayed to clients upon (re)connecting. I have confirmed that it’s Openfire and not Spark, per se, that replays the history. Is this a bug, or am I missing something here? I am currently running 3.4.2, but this has been an issue since I started using Openfire at 3.3.1.


as far as I know these are two different things.

“Log Room Conversations” logs them to the database for further reference. One needs SQL commands to access these logs.

“Group Chat History Settings” are used to display the last n messages - also these are stored in the database but they are limited in size. So you may want to set this value to 0 if clients should not receive a history.


Has anyone figured out how to view this? I’m looking to view the group chat history logs and looked briefly through the tables in the database but dont see any red flags pointing towards where the history may be.

If you install the monitoring plugin you can log the chats to the database. I belive the other setting maintains them in a cache, no the database.

actually you can view this log to the help of the monitoring plugin. you ca also use decoder for mysql to directly access the databae…gudluck…