Group chat logging in Wildfire 2.5.0


having configured a group chat (Log Chatroom Conversations is checked), I could not find the log files. Is this something that is not quite yet implemented?

I did get the iBall plugin working, thank you Kurt. Unfortunately, I was looking for a solution that would log in plain text, much like jabberd2. Kurt, any plans to support that?

Is it time to write my own plain-text group chat logging plugin?

Thank you


there’'s a table MUCCONVERSATIONLOG which contains the room name and the nick (not the JID). It looks like

‘‘roomid@conference.myjabberhost’’,’‘mynick’’,’’$date’’,?,’‘my message’’

I have the feeling that you love this logging like I do.

Yes, it’'s time to write a plain-text logging plugin, but not only for MUC.


PS: Why should one log into a filesystem and not in the database?

a) you save a lot of space

b) you can back it up easy

c) a small database is much more easy to maintain than a large one

d) a journaled filesystem is nearly as safe as a database, one may even use the same disk array for DB and log files.

e) one can write every log message to two different file systems to handle disk array failures


Anything is possible, I need to look at the jabberd2 since my experience with it is minimal I mean never seen it, but that has never stopped me before. I invision a plugin that has optional db logging or export to file (not using db, with an option of export type and the first type would be jabberd2. I need to get busy.

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OK, I got what I was looking for:

  • wildfire community is not aware of any exhisting plain-text group chat logging plugins

  • there is an understanding of a need for the aforementioned plugin


Let us know how you got what you are looking for so that we can also try it if we have a need. If possible provide us detail information.



Hey Guys,

You might want to take a look at JM-149. It appears that at one point Tomas was working on this issue (although I’'m not sure if he still is) so you might want to try contacting him to find out what he has already done.

Hope that helps,


Could you give me an example of what you are looking for?