Group chat logs/transcripts

Hi All,

I’‘ve had a seach on these forums, but I haven’'t seen a definitive answer on this (please correct me if I am wrong).

I would like to get the group chat logs out of the database in a simple manner to write out chat log files (as jabberd does). Has anyone written a script or a bit of code to do this?



It seems that I-ball can do this.

You can find it here.

iball is close, but not exactly what I was looking for. It seems to concentrate on chat logs between users, whereas I just want a simple log like:

<12:00> abc: Hi.

<12:01> def: Hello.


And then with one log “file” per chat room.

I guess I’'m going to have to write it myself.



I wrote a ‘‘bot’’ in perl that can be invited into rooms to log them. If you’‘d like a copy, I can send it your way. It uses the Jabber::Connection module. It’'s not the best example of such code, and it certainly has flaws, but it works well enough in my environment…




Thanks mate, if you would mind that would be great. At the very least I can use it for ideas



Joe sent it to me via email and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot Joe.

hi , can i have the perl script also? thanks