Group Chat Rooms Automatically Being Deleted


I have a fresh install Openfire that is integrated with AD thru LDAP. My issue is that the chat rooms that I create are always being deleted automatically not sure why.

Any ideas?



Which version of Openfire? How rooms are created? If rooms are created in the client (Spark or other) and are not set to be persistent, they will get destroyed after everyone leaves the room. That’s how it works normally.

Version 3.10.2

Rooms were created in the admin console. I created 12 rooms this morning I now as I type this, there’s only 10 rooms left. This happened three times now.

Is there an option in the admin console to set the rooms to persistent?

Thanks for your reply.

Rooms created in Admin Console are persistent. Have you tried to create the same exact room that has just disappeared and does it says that this rooms already exists? In that case this is probably the setting which unloads inactive rooms after some time. But by default this setting should be much higher that one day. Unless someone changed it. Don’t remember the name of that setting (muc unload inactive or something).