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Group Chat Rooms disappered

After upgrade version 3.4.1. to 3.4.2 Group Chat Rooms disappeared. They are in DB but i can not use them or see them in admin console.

This was also the case in the last upgrade and in other older upgrades not in all)

What i make wrong ? (OpenFire runs on win2003 & DB is SQL 2005. My DB is created with 3.xx version or older)


Hey kyri,

No changes were done to the group chat code so I suspect that this is related to something else. If you try to join a room, that is not listed but exists in the DB, from a client will the room appear again? Openfire does not load persistent rooms that have not been used for a month or so. However, as a user logs in rooms are loaded from the DB.


– Gato

Thank you for the answer.

i have change the creation date field in the database and only after server restart can load all my chat rooms again.

This is a test installation and the chat rooms are not used usually. I will check it after a month, if it happens again.

Thanks again

I have noticed that after running openfire for a while rooms ‘disappear’ from the room list. They are in the database table (have confirmed) but just do not appear in the list of available rooms.

When I go to ‘create’ a room with the same jid I get an error message that the room already exists (so I know openfire is doing a table lookup and can properly access the table) and after the error the room ‘magically’ starts appearing in the available room list again.

This has happened even after a complete shutdown and reload of openfire. Could this be a caching problem with MySql ?


I have experienced excactly the same problem with ms sql. How to solve that problem???