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Group Chat Rooms History and Clustering issue

I’ve set up a cluster using two nodes with OF 3.8.2 and Hazelcast plugin. The service works fine while there is no problems with the nodes.

When testing the cluster recovery behavior I started shutting down one server and monitoring how well the second handle the situation and recovers. Then starting the stopped server and verified consistency. I’ve found a problem that prevents me to use clustering.

Maybe you guys can help me understand why this happens and if there is any option to fix it.

The scenario I tested is as follows:

We start with two nodes working fine from scratch: “Node A” and “Node B”

We also have two users “User 1” and “User 2” connected to Node A.

User 1 create a chat room and invites User 2 to join and chat.

User 1 sends a message “Message 1”

Now we stop Node B.

User 2 sends a message “Message 2”

Now we starts Node B again.

User 1 sends a message “Message 3”

User 2 sends a message “Message 4”

Now we stop Node A.

Thanks to the Load Balancer, both users will have a disconnection and a reconnection to the Node B.

Once connected to Node B and joined to the chatroom both users receive the History (OF history settings was set to “Show entire chatroom history”)

They only receive as history the lines:

“Message 3”

“Message 4”

We should expect to receive:

“Message 1”

“Message 2”

“Message 3”

“Message 4”

Thank you very much.