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Group chat subject(topic) is not updated in other nodes of openfire + hazelcast

The Hazelcast setup is working great except for one major issue for me(I have to do some thing based on it), for some reason when subject is updated for a group chat room(MUC), they’re not being replicated to the other servers(nodes) in the cluster.

Right now we are using a single MySQL DB running version 5.5.29, Ubuntu 12.04, and Openfire 3.8.1.

The only time the server will read the changes from the DB is after a restart the other nodes. It seems to be big issue in openfire 3.8.1 release.

Does openfire cache the group chat subject update for a room for a specific amount of time even when all cache is cleared?

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Re: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/229169; should be fixed in the next nightly build. Refer to OF-661 for details.

I have the same problem, The number of users does not get updated correctly in group chat after adding Hazelcast!